Shiny Pokemon And Pokemobs

Shiny Pokemon and Pokemob

Hey guys its CopperWalrus, Most of you visiting this page are from the Pokemobs forums. I decided to start this page after using the pokemob mod and playing a lot of pokemon as a kid as i still sometimes do. On this website i want to credit everyone to have found a shiny pokemon and if seagoingmanatee does add shinies, pokemob. There will be a page for each pokemon with a picture of that shiny pokemon and below that people that have found it. Below this will be the same two things except with poke mobs if shinies are added to the game. There will also be pictures of the non-shiny versions of pokemon and pokemob.

What I Have Done So Far

So far I have made pages for pokemon 1-49 and completed 1-18. I am looking for help on the website. If you're interested fill out th e form below with this information. I will email you back with information and you must make an account on weebly.

1. Name and/or Screen name.

2. What you can help with. Making Pages or Completing them.

3.Your Favorite Pokemon.

    Form to fill out if you want to help

The Mod

Check out seagoingmanatees mod for minecraft

Contact Me

For Now I will be the only one editing the pages. Here is a form to fill out if you want to get credited and my contact.


1. What Pokemon?

2. What game was it in?

3. What area was it found in?

4. Approximate level when you found it?

My Email

    Questions, Comments or what Shiny's you've found.


My Video On The Mob. Remember to Subscribe? I have to upgrade to put vids on so use links.
How To Catch Shinies

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